Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the most common questions we get from medical device start-up companies, co-investors, and media sponsors & partnerships.
There are lots of accelerators, why should I apply to M1? (What support does M1 provide?)
M1 MedTech focuses on providing a personal, founder-centered experience. We accept a limited number of companies into each cohort and provide ongoing mentoring and coaching for each company. Our educational curriculum leans heavily on practical, interactive workshop sessions where cohort companies quickly push through milestones as they develop their business. Finally, M1 provides each team with specific, tailored connections vetted by our team through professional partnerships.
How does M1 finance startups? How much equity does M1 take?
M1 MedTech is an equity investment-based accelerator program. We make a tailored cash investment in each company based on that company’s current stage and progress. In addition to cash, M1 also offers in kind services of up to $150k during and after the program.
What are your areas of focus?
M1 MedTech is an early-stage medical device accelerator. M1 is indication agnostic, so we do not focus on a specific area of care. We primarily look for devices that fall under Class II or III PMA or de novo classification, as well as (__________strong 510k_____________)
What is the length of the program
Our program runs 14 weeks, beginning the week of August 15th, 2022.
Do I need to be in Houston for the full program?
No! Our mostly virtual accelerator is designed with busy founders in mind. Only the first week (August 15-19th, 2022) and final week (tent. November 14-18th, 2022) are in person in Houston. The remaining weeks are totally virtual.
Can I apply if I'm not from the United States? Do you help with visas/immigration?
You can apply for the program if you are not from the United States, with one caveat. We welcome applicants from any background, but the company itself must be incorporated and headquartered here in the U.S.
What stage of development does my company need to be to apply to M1?
M1 looks for early-stage device companies, in terms of both progress and funding. For progress, our target companies are between idea and prototype stages, and may even have done some preclinical testing. For funding, our target companies may be totally bootstrapped, grant-funded, or raised up to pre-seed or seed funding.
What does M1 look for in a founding team? Can I apply as a single founder?
Beyond the technology itself, M1 looks for three main things in a founding team. First, we are looking for founders committed to bringing their device to commercialization. Second, we are looking for founding teams (and/or advisors) with relevant and diverse expertise. As an example, a stereotypical _________. You can certainly apply as a single founder. However, the nature of our program is such that we recommend applicant teams have at least a second employee. Finally, we are looking for founding teams that are coachable. We want teams that can apply as much practical knowledge and feedback that they gain during our program as possible to their venture.
What is the process to choose companies? When will I be notified?
Applications for our current cycle close midnight on July 1st, 2022. The M1 review team evaluates each application and invites our top applicants to interview with our Director and Principals during the first two weeks of July. We will then select five companies from this group to accept into our program, along with their tailored investment offer. We will announce our final cohort on July 31st, 2022.
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