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Fall 2022 Cohort Applications have closed!

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Meet our Cohort
The m1 Mission
M1 is a medical technology accelerator that supports early-stage medical device founders looking to rapidly progress toward commercialization.
We bring together a wide network of founders, advisors, service providers, and subject matter experts to guide cohort teams during and beyond the program. Teams receive an equity investment and participate in a three-month, hands-on, practical workshop curriculum designed to drive them through company and product development in weeks instead of years.
The M1 program is a highly technical virtual accelerator designed to aid founders in rapidly advancing toward commercialization and prepare them for critical early investment stages.
M1 starts by making an upfront equity investment in each cohort company. Then, each cohort participates in a practical, hands-on 12-week workshop curriculum led by vetted subject matter experts, covering a variety of topics including company formation and management, intellectual property, design and quality controls, preclinical and clinical testing, and regulatory approval.
The M1 team and our partners also provide ongoing mentoring and coaching of each team accepted into the program.
Finally, M1 offers in-person network and presentation opportunities, including our program kickoff, investor dinners, and preliminary and final pitch events.
How to Apply
Do you think that M1 MedTech Accelerator may be right for you and your novel medical device idea? Let us help you complete a successful application to our program!

Program Director Sean Bittner is here to provide a step-by-step guide to filling out an M1 MedTech Accelerator application form that best represents you and your company. Feel confident in knowing that your application fully communicates your needs, expectations, and your work ahead of the May 31st submission deadline.
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